October 30, 2006

A Crucial Two Weeks

Some of you have probably heard me say that November is our busiest time of year. That is true every year…but especially in 2006, what with our moving toward elder and deacon leadership, and revising our constitution. We will not vote on these matters until December 3, but all the remaining planning and praying will be happening over the next two weeks—between today and the 19th, when we will present to you all our nominations, recommendations, etc. in written form. Add to that our Missions Week (and all that goes with it), our Servant Ministry Questionnaires, and our budget process, and you have an incredibly busy…and incredibly important next 14 days in the life of our church. And O, how your leaders and your church need you to be praying! Here is a list of items we hope you’ll bring to the LORD regularly in prayer…

1. The Selection of our Elders and Deacons. These men (and those that follow) will play a vital leadership role in our church until Jesus comes. Please pray that we will get started out right…that the men whom we select would be qualified; and that we’d get them into the right roles. I am in the process of praying with six men about potential leadership at PRBC. Pray for them…and me!

2. The Proposed, Amended Constitution. We met this past Wednesday to discuss the documents. Pray that we will make the Lord’s decision on December 3.

3. Servant Ministry Roles. Every year, November brings the great privilege and challenge of helping each of you find your part in the body—your place of service. We’ve heard from most of you and are pleased to see where God is leading you. Pray that the deacons and I will have wisdom as we slot each of you into your roles of service. And pray that the Lord would raise up more workers for Nursery, Preschool Church, Mission Friends, and Fellowship Team (hint, hint).

4. The Church Budget. The finance committee has completed a proposed budget for 2007 (which you will also receive on 11/19). Please pray that God would make obvious any necessary adjustments, help us meet and exceed our goals, and help us spend every dime of His money wisely for Jesus’ sake.

5. Missions Week. November 12-19 is Missions Week. It will feature three missions messages (two Sundays and a Wednesday). Pray that the LORD would greatly help me (and you) with those messages. Pray that he’d move you to give big-time to our Lottie Moon Missions Offering and our Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection. Wouldn’t it be great if the LORD made this year our most generous yet?

Pray, too, that God would begin to use the compounding effect of year-after-year of Missions Week and missions sermons to make us a missionary-sending church. Pray that God might begin to raise up some of our young people (or not-so-young people!) to leave Cincinnati, leave PRBC, and go live and share the gospel among some people group as yet unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Praying with you...

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