March 25, 2007

How much is $50 Worth in Ethiopia?

Well, it exchanges into about 400 Ethiopian Birr, actually. So how much is 400 Birr worth?

From April 16-26, 400 Bir (or $50.00) is worth two weeks of intensive Bible training for an Ethiopian pastor-in-training. We are hoping we can train 72 men over those 10 days or so...the beginning of a two-year program that will prepare them to plant churches in 36 unreached areas of Ethiopia. The training is free (myself and another US pastor providing it). But it will cost $50.00 to house and feed each man for the two weeks.

So far, the Pastor's Training Institute has only been able to raise $100.00! Quick math: That is only 2 pastors! So we agreed to help! And thus, we need your help...and we need it fast.

We need to raise $3500.00 in the next week! (by 4/2/07)

Would you consider sponsoring a pastor, or two, or five, or ten?

To help you decide...let's think about some other ways of measuring the worth of $50.00. Maybe it amounts to your monthly cable bill. Or tickets to that ballgame. Or a nice dinner with your spouse or friends. All nice things, to be sure.

But ask yourself (or your church): Which is more important? An evening of entertainment? Or the eternal, perishing souls of many hundreds of Ethiopians who may eventually be reached by the pastor(s) you sponsor?

So think about it...and please consider sponsoring these men. If you'd like to give:

1. Email me as soon as possible, and let me know how much you are sending (So we can get a guage of what to tell the Pastor's Training Institute as quickly as possible).

2. Make your check...

Payable to: Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
Earmarked for: PTI-Ethiopia
Mail to: PRBC, 6401 Ridge Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45213

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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