May 28, 2007

A Comedy about Hurricane Katrina?

I noticed that Christianity Today had a full-cover advertisement pushing the new flick Evan Almighty. It seems even the secular world has noticed that the Christian demographic is a movie-making jackpot waiting to happen - just like everybody else (whoda thunkit 50 years ago?).

So I assume that some of you (or maybe some in your church) are planning on seeing Evan Almighty. Shame on you (or them).

Among the many reasons why Christians should abhor this movie (blasphemy, the playing-God motif, Morgan Freeman's god-character and the violation of the second commandment, etc.)...imagine this: Someone makes a comedy about the Tsunami, or Hurricane Katrina. Wouldn't seem very appropriate would it? Even the pagans would protest such a film. Yet, next month, 'Christians' will line up by the thousands next month to see a comedy making light of the greatest catastrophe in human history.

Kind of makes you think we don't really believe all that 'Flood stuff' doesn't it? I guarantee you that is the message the world is getting.

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