June 15, 2007

Movie-goers: Please Read this...and Pass it on!

Evan Almighty review.


imperishable said...

I'm sorry, but isn't a review written by someone who has actually seen said film? This is speculative/biased commentary, albeit from a trustworthy source.

Still, it does not give me enough pause to discourage others from seeing the film.

Kurt Strassner said...


No, Tim hasn't seen the film...and neither have I. But the trailers and the blurbs put out by the filmmakers themselves make it clear that this film is:

A. An intentional spoof about a human catastrophe of unbelieveable proportions.

B. A film depicting God as a human character with limited powers.

There is no doubting either of those elements. And those two things alone should, without ever needing to see the film, give pause to any Christian...and (A) should, in fact, give pause to anyone who takes human catastrophe seriously.

The whole country would be up in arms if we made a comical spoof about Hurricane Katrina. The only reason they don't do so with a spoof about the Flood is because they don't really believe the Flood to be historical.

And the Christians who are supporting this film are giving them no reason to change their minds.