October 18, 2007

Money Well Spent...

Some of you have graciously supported Pastor's Training Institute-Ethiopia. Others have prayed. (And others may be moved to after reading this update). As you know Anthony is in a two year process of training Ethiopian men for the ministry.

Mind two facts: 1) He is working with the most biblical denomination in the country - a very theologically poor country. And 2) He is teaching relatively untrained men through translators who are the leaders of the denomination.

This week, he is teaching 75 potential pastors through the doctrines of sin and man. Here is a quote from his latest update:

My translator even commented today that he had never considered that sin was primarily against God. He said that he thought it only affected him and maybe his family.

WOW! Is the truth Anthony shares worth the money it costs to do it...and the prayers that uphold him? This quote proves the answer is YES, yes...a hundred times yes! This revelation alone is worth more to the kingdom of God in Ethiopia than all the gold in Fort Knox is to the economy of the world. Please be in continual prayer...and consider giving.

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