November 8, 2007

No Soup for You! No Bibles Either.

It would seem that, among other items listed as suggested contraband for 2008 Olympic athletes, coaches, and spectators in Beijing...Bibles make the list ("Each traveller is recommended to take no more than one Bible into China.").

An attempt to prevent Christian participants from "making disciples of all nations"...or at least the Chinese nation? An opportunity to put Acts 4.19-20 into practice?

This scenario reminds me a bit of the dilemma of Eric Liddell, who, in 1924, put his place on the British Olympic team on the line in order to obey his conscience regarding the Lord's Day. Will any 2008 particpants do the same?

No doubt, China has the right to make and enforce her own laws. Thus, any believing athlete, coach, or spectator who chooses to circumvent the Bible rule, needs to be willing, like Liddell, to quietly accept the consequences...confiscation of Bibles, interrogation, removal from the games, stripping of medals, etc. I wonder if any will count the cost and take the risk? More to the point...I wonder what you or I would do given such an opportunity/challenge.

Think it out for yourself.

HT: Justin Taylor

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