January 14, 2008

Do not Sit Back, Do not Relax, and Do not Enjoy the Show

This Sunday is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday at PRBC. That means that we, along with churches all across the country, are setting aside time to think hard, to think painfully, to think biblically about human personhood issues (abortion, euthanasia, racism, etc.) Specifically, I want us to think hard, painful, biblical thoughts about abortion. More than that, I want us to think hopeful thoughts about our part in the solution! And I want to invite you who read this blog to join is in doing so. Embedded below are a video and a link to help you get started. I hope you will watch and then serious-mindedly browse. Four reasons why you should...

1. Every year, 1.3 million babies are sucked, intentionally, from their mother’s wombs in this country. That’s 25,000 a week, 4000 every day, over 40 million since 1973…5 during the time it will take you to watch the video. The aftermath? Untold millions of women live with the silent pain and regret of what they were told was just a simple “choice.” The devastation alone should motivate us to action!

2. God has called His people to make a difference. While our culture quietly snuffs out life at these alarming rates, God has reminded us that He loves, shapes, and has a plan for unborn children (Psalm 139). While 82% of abortions are performed in unmarried women, and roughly half of them site the emotional and financial strain of single parenting as a contributing factor to choosing abortion, the Lord commands His people to defend the fatherless (Psalm 82.3). Jesus commands us to let the little children come to Him (Mark 10.14). And to obey, we must first fight to keep them alive! If we do not defend the children, and let them come to Jesus, who in this culture of death will?

3. It is not enough to simply gripe about the problem; we are called to action. Anyone can bemoan the sad state of affairs in our country. But are you willing to do something about them? Are you willing to make the defense of life a non-negotiable in your voting this November? Are you willing to consider adoption, or generously support someone who is? Are you willing to volunteer time, or give money, to your local crisis pregnancy center? Are you willing to have the awkward but life-saving conversation with a friend or loved one who is considering abortion? Are you really?

4. The proof of your salvation depends, partially, upon how you care for ‘the least of these.’ “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me” (Matthew 5.45).

So, with those things in mind, don't sit back; don't relax; and don't enjoy the show:

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jt said...


We observed Sanctity of Life Sunday yesterday here in Memphis, and are looking forward to a focus on the gospel's power for racial harmony this Sunday, Lord willing. Abortion and racial prejudice, incredible injustices indeed. And for the most part have been winked at the by the people of God in this land. May the Lord bless your efforts with Himself this weekend, and bless this land with advocates for justice all across it.

Ever yours,