April 8, 2008

Missions Conference

Who: Anthony Mathenia* (missionary to Ethiopia, friend, blogger) and Bob Selph (pastor, Grace Baptist Church Taylors, SC and retiring missions leader from ARBCA)

When: Friday April 25-Sunday April 27

Friday - 7pm
Saturday - 6:30pm
Sunday - 11am, 6pm

Where: The King's Chapel - West Chester, OH - (directions)

What: Bob Selph always presents wonderful and encouraging charges from the Scriptures concerning the cause of world mission, and gives updates, specifically, on ARBCA's missionary work. Anthony will be presenting the work in Ethiopia on Friday, and preaching Saturday and Sunday.

How Much: The same as it costs to come to Jesus for salvation (Isaiah 55.1)!

*Anthony will also be preaching at PRBC on the morning of the 27th!


Jeremiah Mattingly said...


I just stumbled across your blog and was thrilled to see a solid Baptistic Church of Reformed persuasion in the Cincinnati area. How long have you been there?

I serve as an elder with Two Rivers Community Church up in Dayton (SBC). A group from our church is actually coming down your way (Carlisle) this weekend to hear Voddie Baucham.

I saw that you'll be heading out to Ethiopia shortly. That's awesome and I pray that God blesses your teaching there. I also saw that Anthony Mathenia will be in Huber Heights at the end of this month- our family may try to get over to hear about his work there.

Look forward to frequenting your blog in the future!

Jeremiah Mattingly

Kurt Strassner said...


Thanks for the encouragement! Been here at PRBC about 5.5 years. God has been so gracious to us in Christ.

Do make sure you get to Huber Heights and here Anthony. He is preaching, rather than presenting about Ethiopia, and will be, in that capacity, a great blessing to your soul. If you're interested in the work in Ethiopia...I am sure he'd be glad to talk afterwards.

And...if you're ever in Cincinnati, stop in and say hello.

Blessings in Jesus