December 5, 2008

I will soon be eating one of these...

Is this furry creature a sheep or a goat? How do you know? What are the differences between sheep and goats (biblical pun intended)? See ANSWER below.

These are some of the issues Anthony and I will be addressing as we head to Ethiopia again in January for Pastor's Training Institute, round 7. Our topic? The doctrine of the church. What is it? Who should be a member? Why? What about leaders? Who, really, is in charge? And so on. Sound simple? If so, you are ahead of the game! Many church-goers (American and Ethiopian) may have no more answers than you do about the animal above! But surely the shepherds of the church ought to ... both in America and Ethiopia!

So please pray that we might do a faithful job of communicating what Spurgeon called "the dearest place on earth ... the church of Jesus Christ" to these 60 or so men. And pray that the fruit of our ten days away might be beautiful, faithful, Christ-centered churches.

ANSWER: This, my friends, is a sheep. I know, I know. It doesn't look like the furry white sheep we are accustomed to. But there are other kinds of sheep. And they look very similar to our American goats. But they are not the same! Easiest way to tell? A sheep's tail hangs down, while a goat's points up. There are other differences, too. Google away if you're interested.


Jeremiah said...


This is exciting. It sounds like the last round on salvation went really well. The Lord is working through His word!

Hope you have a great trip, witnessing what the Lord is doing among the church there in Ethiopia.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like y'all will have an awesome time! It is so amazing to see the work God has been and is doing in the Church down. I'll be praying for you.