February 5, 2009

The Shack, Reviewed

A brother in the ministry reminded some of us recently of how widespread is "evangelical" interest in the popular book, The Shack by William Young. The book's popularity seems to be verging on Jabez-esque proportions. And it is utterly, completely, and disgustingly heretical. Yet perhaps some of you friends have said to you, 'You should really read The Shack. It's changed the whole way I view God.' The second sentence is, quite possibly, true. Which is why you should ignore the first one!

But, in case you have read it, or in case you have friends who have (or might) ... Tim Challies has put together an amazingly well-done, insightful, and graphically pleasing review that would be an attractive, brief, and helpful read for you, or them, or both. Here it is. Enjoy. And be helped.

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