May 26, 2009

Death is not Dying

Tobey, a friend, and I watched this video Saturday night ... and were deeply moved. Moved not only by Rachel Barkley's difficult story (a 37 year-old mom of two who is riddled with cancer has only weeks to live); moved not only because of her courage in the midst of that cancer; but moved, especially, by how clearly, profoundly, thoughtfully, and humbly she presents the gospel of Jesus in the course of this 55 minute talk to 600 or so women in Vancouver.

Watch this, Christian. It is well worth the 55 minutes that you might otherwise have spent on Animal Planet tonight. You won't be disappointed. And then, ask your pastor if you might show it to the ladies in your church. And bookmark it to send to a friend who has cancer ... or who is happy and healthy, but desperately in need of Jesus.

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Ron Franks said...

Good one Kurt! The reality is that we all are dying some slower than others but the real truma is that the slower death moves on us the more we think we can cheat life and GOD! When the reality is that we should live everyday as our last. You would think taht a 2 timer of chemo like myself would have grasped the truth but I'm still struggling with being human. Keep up the good work and pass on info for PTI
Ron Franks