August 17, 2009

This and That

A few links that some of you may find helpful and/or interesting:

Here's a book, by journalist Warren Cole Smith, that I saw a blurb about last week and hope to read. It's a hard but hopeful insider's look at the church culture that has become so much a part of 'evangelicalism' in America ... and which, often, disappoints us and makes the world say 'Hmmmm'. (HT: Challies)

Iain Murray's books are always instant classics for me. This one is no different. If you enjoy Christian biography, this book will introduce you to some men you probably already know a bit about (Spurgeon, Whitefield, and Newton). But you will also find some hidden gems ... some stories of men and women you will have never heard of.


Anthony Mathenia
has been working his way through the book of James on Wednesdays at Christ Community Church. Listen to him here.

Since I am preaching myself nearly every Sunday, most Sunday evenings (and sometimes through the week) I try to listen to others ... so I can feel like I have been preached to, as well. Lately I have begun listening to a brother named Kenneth Stewart, pastor of Dowanvale Free Church in Glasgow, Scotland. His series on the tabernacle has proven both personally illuminating (I've never taken a great deal of time to understand all the symbolism that God has sunk into the long and detailed architectural plans in Exodus 25-31) ... and soul-edifying. Stewart sees Jesus everywhere. Listen to the series here.

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