October 29, 2009

I Speak, you Pray

Over the next month or so I have some unusual opportunities to speak for God. If you are the praying kind, would you read through the list below and be praying for me? And if you're really the praying kind ... mark your calendars and pray again on the day of the various engagements!

November 3
I have been invited to speak at the Pleasant Ridge Community Council - our local civic organization that works to keep our community clean, safe, attractive to business and home-buyers, etc. My topic? In ten minutes, what does Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church offer our community? As the only evangelical church in our community of 10,000 ... I have a good answer! To be exact, I am going to work from Acts 2.42 (and our corresponding statement of church values) and offer the community THE BIBLE ("the apostles' teaching"), A FAMILY ("the fellowship"), JESUS (symbolized in "the breaking of bread"), and PRAYER.

Please ask the Lord to use the talk ... especially points 1 and 3. Pray, too, that I'll get it in in the ten minutes, clearly but powerfully.

November 14
A pastor friend outside the city (Stewart Clarke), in an American Baptist Church, is holding a one day conference on "the word of God." The goal is to root his people in the Scriptures as our sole authority for faith and practice, and as the inerrant, trustworthy, word of God. I am giving the opening talk, an introduction to the Bible as a whole - its content, sufficiency, inerrancy, usefulness, divine nature, and Jesus-centeredness (see Luke 24.27).

Please pray for me and the other preachers ... that God would use us to put the firm foundation of His word underneath the building that Stewart is trying to rebuild.

November 21
This time I have the opportunity to speak to a United Methodist youth group as part of a weekend retreat. My assigned topics are:
  • Jesus, Best of All (an overview of Hebrews ... Jesus is better than _____)
  • Twelve Ordinary Men (a study of the 12 disciples of Jesus, and how we can learn from them today)
  • Jim Elliot (a missions talk from this martyr's life)
In each of these messages, I want to make much of Jesus ... and call on these kids to go hard after Him (like Elliot and the apostles). Would you pray that Jesus would, all weekend long, fill up the windshield of their gaze (and mine)?

In addition to all these things, I am continuing the series on Gospel Portraits and Proverbs at PRBC. Pray God continues to grant light and help to me and to our "little flock."

I know some of you will be praying for me. Thank you in advance. I need help from on high in the worst way.

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nofiresale said...

Be strong and courageous and do not fear. John Owen is helpful as always, "Yet I am conscious how little I can contribute to your guidance in this storme, or your satisfaction. Christ is your Pilott; and however the vessel is tossed whilst he seemes to sleepe, he will arise and rebuke these winds and waves in his own time."
From The Correspondance of John Owen, in a letter to "Mrs. Polhill (p.168).