December 28, 2009

Off to Rome

No. I am not literally going to Rome.

But, since we at PRBC are going to be spending our 2010 prayer meetings piecing our way through the book of Romans (8-12 verses a week), I thought that I might do the same here on the blog. So, starting in chapter 1, I am going to blog my way straight through ... not verse by verse, but section by section, following the outline that we will use in the prayer meetings. Most weeks I will probably light on a single verse or phrase from the Sunday prayer passage and meditate on it 'out loud' via these pages.

Enjoy ... and feel free to leave your own reflections in the comment section (most of the comments I get these days are from random people cussing me out ... or from even more random people using the blog to advertise their websites and/or beach front properties in India).

See you in 2010 ... in Rome!

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