February 8, 2010

Worth Praying for

Some very good friends are in a frenzied signature-gathering countdown. Personhood Mississippi is proposing an amendment that would define personhood, under Mississippi law, as beginning at the moment of fertilization - effectively making it illegal to abort a fetus (ahem, human being) at any point during a pregnancy. This could be a watershed moment, not only in the great state of Mississippi ... but in opening some floodgates nationally. So I am asking you to pray.

The political process is as follows:

A. Collect 89,000 signatures by February 13 to get the issue on the upcoming ballot.
B. Work (and pray) like mad so that the amendment passes when it arrives on the ballot.

So, even if you don't live in Mississippi, or have never even been there (forsooth!), your negligence at having never even set foot in 'the promised land' can be forgiven if you will pray for the good folks at Personhood Mississippi. They need 2,000 more signatures by Saturday ... and a few hundred thousand votes if and when the amendment makes it to the voters' ballots.

For a littler more on this very, very grassroots effort (which God is blessing amazingly), read this blog post by our friend Heather Duley. It will make you laugh ... and cry. It will spur you to pray for Personhood Mississippi, and about the possibilities in your own state. And it will teach you some other spiritual lessons along the way, too!

Thanks for praying.

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