March 29, 2010

Welcome Guests

So this weekend is Easter ... meaning many of our churches will have many new faces to welcome, to pray for, to be a blessing to as they join us in the pews Sunday morning. Being in a highly unchurched area, we make a big deal of trying to get our friends and neighbors through the doors and in front of the Bible on Easter Sunday morning.

This year, we are making extra efforts to try and make sure that what we are doing and saying is intelligible to them. One of those efforts is pasted below ... and 'play-by-play' of this Sunday's order of worship. I'm posting it here hoping:
A. That some of my own people might see it ... and begin to prepare and pray in advance for this Sunday.

B. That some of you who are in church leadership might be encouraged to attempt something similar. New visitors to church (especially unchurched ones) are often baffled by the various things we do. Why not make it a little easier on them?

C. That others of you who participate in worship every week might be helped by the reminders of why we Christians do what we do on Sunday mornings. Your service this Sunday will not be exactly like ours. But most of the same pieces will be in place. So may the Lord make your worship just a tidge brighter and better by remembering what you're doing and why.

So, with no further ado, here is what we are printing up and inserting into our bulletin this weekend:

Click to enlarge. Enjoy ... and worship!

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