December 9, 2010

Sermons from Psalms 51-60, Setback Psalms

Setback Psalms. That's what we're calling our recent look at Psalms 51-60. In each of these Psalms, David is wrestling with some problem ... and with God in prayer. Sometimes the problem is himself (sound familiar?). Sometimes the problem is someone else. Sometimes it's his circumstances. But David was a man like us - with problems, and with emotions to go along with them. May these psalms and sermons prove to be a balm to your soul as you listen to David walk through trials, and triumph in faith!

Psalm 51 - The Sinner's Prayer
Psalm 52 - Dealing with Doeg
Psalm 53 - "Not even one"
Psalm 54 - Words from the Wilderness
Psalm 55 - Setback Psalm
Psalm 56 - "When I am afraid"
Psalm 57 - "I will sing"
Psalm 58 - "Shatter their Teeth"
Psalm 59 - When God Laughs
Psalm 60 - "Will You not go forth with our armies?"

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