June 13, 2011

Sermons from the End of the Old Testament

Recently (and originally quite unplanned) we undertook a series of sermons from the final two-and-a-half centuries of Old Testament history - the time period of the Jewish exile into Assyria and Babylon, and then the return and rebuilding efforts in Jerusalem. This time period, it seems to me, has a lot to say to the 21st century church. So, over the course of several sermons, we tried to pull out just a very few of those lessons - mainly from the words of the prophets as they spoke into the situation for the good of God's people. So listen in:

Hosea 1 - Severe Mercy*
Hosea 5 - Total Depravity

Again, this is not a point-by-point study of all the historical or theological ins and outs of the period of the exile and return ... but a look at God's prophetic words to His people at various points along the way (with a particular eye toward how God's words then are so apropos today). I hope you are informed, challenged, encouraged, convicted, and brought closer to God in Christ. Many blessings.

*The sermon title "Severe Mercy" is taken from the book of the same title, by Sheldon Vanauken.

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