July 11, 2011

Pray without Ceasing

That is God’s command to us in 1 Thessalonians 5.17. It does not mean that we lock ourselves away in a closet all day and never do anything but pray. But it means that, as we go about our daily routine, we ought to be lifting up the day’s events, the people we meet, and the tasks that lie ahead to God. Over the next week, I want to ask you to add our Vacation Bible School to the list of things you are praying for through the day. I also want to ask you to maybe print this blog post and use it as a prayer guide for VBS during your daily quiet time … and for some of you … as you commit time to come and pray while VBS is happening. So, pray for…

Our Teachers and Assistants - Tammy, Midge, Allen, Stephanie, Joyce, Carolyn G., Eric, Linda, and Mirian
▪That their lessons would be well-prepared, accurate, winsome.
▪That the manner in which they teach would convey to the children that God is great and greatly to be praised.
▪That they would love the children deeply, and so be an attractive testimony.

Our Other Volunteers - Mark, Scott H., Mandy, Diane, Alisha, Regina, Carolyn V., Philomina, Gwen, Scott M., CJ, Sarah W., Brian, Brad, and Karen
▪That their games, snacks, administration, songs, and other duties would be done with all their hearts … and be well-prepared.
▪That they would love the children deeply, and so be an attractive testimony.
▪That they would, especially, have opportunities to interact with and show the love of Christ to the parents.

The Children
▪That God would bring them … lots of them!
▪That God would make their hearts ready to learn, teachable, and softened toward His gospel.
▪That God would give us a group of children who can, by-and-large, attend the whole week long and get the full picture we’re trying to paint.

Parent’s Night - Friday, 7:45-8:30pm
▪For Charles as he prepares a brief gospel message for the parents, from the book of Jonah.
▪That many parents would come.
▪That the parent’s hearts would be softened toward the message, and that many might be drawn to Christ.

Remember, If we ask anything according to His will, He hears us (1 John 5.14)!

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