February 20, 2012

Personhood Ohio

Some courageous folks in our state are gathering signatures to get a proposed "personhood" amendment to our state constitution on the ballot for this November's elections.

The amendment would define all human beings, from the moment of fertilization, as being "persons" under state law - persons with every inalienable right and recourse defined by law.  In effect, the amendment would make it  just as illegal to abort a human fetus as to murder an adult - effectively eliminating legal abortion in the state of Ohio.

We hope to have volunteers at PRBC some time soon, gathering signatures.  To find out more about the amendment, or about how you might sign the petition, or get your church involved, or become a part of the signature gathering team, please visit the Personhood Ohio website soon.  The time is short and 385,000 signatures are needed.  Please pray ... and act.

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