August 24, 2012

Jim Elliot's Unknown Brother Bert

Saw this story by Randy Alcorn today.

Jim Elliot had a brother, Bert, who was a missionary before Jim was ... and who served for 60 years on the mission field before passing away this past February.

Below is one portion of Alcorn's article that caught my attention.  He writes:
Bert said something to me that day I met him that I’ll never forget: “Jim and I both served Christ, but differently. Jim was a great meteor, streaking through the sky.”
Bert didn’t go on to describe himself, but I will. Unlike his brother Jim, the shooting star, Bert was a faint star that rose night after night, faithfully crossing the same path in the sky, to God’s glory.
In missions work, suffering sometimes results in a short life culminating in martyrdom, sometimes in a long life of daily dying to self and living for Christ. I believe Jim Elliot’s reward is considerable, but it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that Bert and Colleen’s will be greater still.
Read the whole article here.  (HT: Justin Taylor).

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