October 29, 2012

Sermon Series: Gospel Portraits (or, Pictures of Jesus in the Old Testament)

We recently completed our second installment of what I've called Gospel Portraits - various (mostly Old Testament) characters, events, and objects that picture for us the work of Jesus on behalf of sinners.  I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jesus portrayed all throughout the scriptures.  I hope you will, too.

1 Samuel 17 - The People's Champion
Hosea 3.1-2 - "So I bought her for myself"
Leviticus 16 - Yom Kippur
Philemon 1.18 - "Charge that to my account"
2 Kings 13.20-21 - The Bones of Elisha

Also, here is the list of sermons from the first installment:

Exodus 16 - The Manna from Heaven
Genesis 6-8 - The Ark of Noah
Jonah 1-3 - The Sign of Jonah
Song of Solomon - The Lover of my Soul
Genesis 22.1-14 - The Ram in the Thicket
Exodus 12 - The Passover Lamb
Exodus 25-30 - The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
Numbers 21.1-9 - The Serpent on a Pole

The first series of sermons was also turned into a book, which may be ordered here.

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