November 2, 2012

"Oh, Hold them Back!" - Thoughts on Abortion and our Elected Officials

I am well aware that, in this election season, the last thing many of us want to see is another campaign sign. In fact, I am greatly looking forward to seeing the green grass again, untrammeled by all the aluminum and plastic (and the October snow!). So you’ll be glad to know that this is not another political advertisement. I have no interest in telling you who deserves your vote next week. There are many other races besides the presidential and senate ones. And, even in the biggie, there are more than two candidates. But there is one issue that, as Christians (and frankly, just as human beings), deserves our utmost attention.

The facts are quite simple. The United States government allows – and in many cases, supports – the killing of unborn children in every state in our union. Many politicians, our current president among them, believe that such abortions should be allowable for any reason (even for something as superficial as gender selection). Many politicians (again, our president included) also support the idea that the government should subsidize some such abortions with taxpayer dollars … and require companies, religious schools, and religious hospitals to provide employee insurance plans that cover abortive drugs and procedures (violating many of those organizations’ religious and moral convictions in the process). To put it simply, our government system currently allows – and in some cases, promotes and sponsors – the killing of a million of her own citizens every year.

These babies, under every other circumstance besides abortion, are protected by all the laws of our land. If a man attacks a pregnant woman with a knife, causing the death of her unborn child, he can be charged with murder or manslaughter. But if a different man, wearing a white coat and working in a clinic, kills the same baby with a drug or a pair of scissors … he is not only no criminal, but in some cases is reimbursed by the government for doing the dirty deed! This is absolute insanity … and wickedness! Surely these issues ought to be on the forefront of our minds as we go to the polls on Tuesday.

Yes, I know – there are other political issues besides this one. Good Christian people amicably disagree over many of them. But does any other issue really matter when certain candidates want to sponsor more and more killing? I also know that the next president (or congressman, or senator), by himself, is not able to change the laws of the land regarding abortion. But the changes must come, even if it is only one elected official at a time. I realize, further, that there are many other ways to defend unborn human lives than just via our elected officials. But if we don’t expect our leaders to uphold basic human (and constitutional) rights, the killing will go on in many, many places … in spite of our best efforts otherwise.

Finally, I realize (as I have preached recently) that it is the gospel, and not the government, that will change our country. I believe that fact on election day just as firmly as the rest of the year! But, though the government cannot change the human heart, they can (and should!) legislate in such a way as to protect the human heartbeat. They can (and must!) put an end to the killing! And we must give them every incentive and opportunity to do so! This is a life and death issue – not a political preference. So I plead with you not to be complicit in any more of the killing – not with your vote, and not in any other way. Yes, pray for our leaders, just as the Bible commands. Don’t bad-mouth them, because the Bible forbids it. Honor and submit to them in every way that it is possible for a Christian to do. But when you have a chance to influence them, or to honorably stand against their evils, do that as well. Every election season affords that opportunity.

As you mull over what you must do, consider Proverbs 24.11-12:

Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter, Oh hold them back. If you say, ‘See, we did not know this,’ does He not consider it who keeps your soul? And will He not render to man according to his work?

Don’t put your head in the sand when human beings, made in God’s image, are being slaughtered! Don’t pretend that you don’t know what our government is doing. God, who keeps your soul, is watching. So I plead with you, “Oh hold them back” – yes, in all those other ways that life must be protected and promoted; but also with your vote. “Oh hold them back!”

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