February 8, 2013

Important Sermon Correction!

Hello all.

A couple of Wednesdays ago I preached on Jesus as "the resurrection and the life" from John 11.25.  Some of you, perhaps, listened in.  Thanks for that.  During the sermon, I made a statement to the effect that, when Jesus died, His body would have decayed for those three days in the tomb, just like His friend Lazarus’s did in John 11.  After further consideration, that was a mistake.  Acts 2.27 (quoting the Psalms) clearly states that God did not allow His Holy One to undergo decay.  So I made a significant mistake in my teaching about Jesus’ three days in the tomb.  The audio file has been corrected now to reflect the accurate biblical teaching.

Please forgive me, and note the correction in your minds …  and let this be a reminder to have the attitude of the Bereans (Acts 17) who, even when listening to such a one as the apostle Paul, were “examining the Scriptures” themselves, to see if the things spoken by Paul “were so.”

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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