April 30, 2013

No Pastor Could be as Loved

A letter to my PRBC family (past and present):

These few lines are, perhaps, a little different from those that normally fill this space. This isn’t a biblical exposition or meditation, though I hope there are biblical patterns and principles sprinkled throughout. Really, what I want to write is more of a real-life illustration of biblical principles, lived out in the life of our church.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church is by no means a perfect church. We have our warts and blemishes, our shoulda’s and coulda’s, our room for improvement, our sins and shortcomings. And yet I believe I can say that there is at least one area in which we are exemplary – one area, actually, in which you are exemplary. No pastor and family could possibly feel as loved as we do. I have said that to a few people outside our congregation in recent days, and now I want to say it to our congregation. You have loved us well – better than we deserve; better than we could have ever expected; better than I imagine most pastors could ever dream of being loved by a people.

Since Levi’s arrival, it has been amazing how many people have stopped by, or asked his welfare, or showered us with gifts, or brought us food. Thank you. More than all of those things, we have been the subject of many prayers and encouragements during these weeks surrounding the birth of number 6. And this is not the first time we’ve felt like this. Through the years you have continually shown us kindness, generosity, and patience in bunches.

No less has this been the case for many of you who have prayed with me during my recent difficulties with copyright and tax questions. Notes of encouragement, words of encouragement, smiles at just the right moment, scriptures passed along, and prayers prayed have all been noted … not just by me, but by our heavenly Father whose “eyes … are in every place, watching” not only “the evil”, but “the good” (Proverbs 15.3)! He has surely seen a lot of “the good” lately … and I and my family have been the recipients of it.

So I use this little column, this morning, to say thank you. Thank you members and regulars of PRBC. Thank you, also, extended PRBC family, who have moved to other locales, but who continue to reach back and bless us with your prayers and encouragements. I’m writing about you in this article, too! Thank you for loving us so. Many pastors never feel what we have felt from you in recent days. You are a blessing.

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Anonymous said...

such a blessing to read this! never a sweeter time/place than for a pastor's family to feel...to BE loved by the congregation.

much love,