February 4, 2014

Donald Miller, Worship, and Learning Style

There is a good discussion taking place over at Reformation 21.  Both Todd Pruitt and Aimee Byrd have responded helpfully to Donald Miller's recent article in which he says that he doesn't often attend church because "it's not how I learn" and "I don't connect with God by singing to Him."

Pruitt responds by pointing out, among other things, that the worship of the church is not simply about our own learning.  Nor is it about our own "connecting with God".  Rather, Pruitt says, "Worship is about my giving God his due in the ways that he has prescribed in his Word."  Amen, Todd.

Pruitt also make some good observations as to how Miller's reasons for not often attending church are centered around me, myself, and I.  What is my learning style.  How do I connect with God?  As though I were the chief concern when determining whether I will go to church.  Preach it, Todd.

Aimee Byrd follows up with a short and helpful piece -- not only de-bunking our culture's over-emphasis on "learning styles," but also by pointing out that God Himself has actually "determined that all of us share in a particular so-called learning style when it comes to spiritual growth. He has prescribed a means to bless his people in Christ, the preached Word and the sacraments."  You go, girl!

And, maybe most central of all ... they both point out, in Pruitt's words, that "in Christ we do not have to find ways to connect with God. God has connected to us through Christ!"

Go read all three articles (Miller, Pruitt, Byrd), and you will be helped to think about the nature of church, and worship, and your place in both.

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