August 24, 2015

David's Mighty Men

I was struck, once again, this week as I re-read the account of David’s “mighty men” in 2 Samuel 23. You may remember that chapter, where the biblical author gives us a who’s who of David’s leading men – listing thirty-plus of them who counted as David’s most valiant and trusted warriors. One of them “went down and killed a lion in the middle of a pit on a snowy day.” Another of them slew eight hundred of the enemy in a single battle. And then there was the instance in which three of the mighty men, overhearing David’s wistfulness about the refreshing water that could be drawn from his hometown well, broke through the lines of Philistines camped round about that well, and secured a skin of water for their lord at the risk of their very lives!

These were great men! “Mighty men”, as they are called. Men who would go to great personal risk, and make great personal efforts to serve their lord, David. Even though, for most of them, all we know if their name and place of origin, there is no doubt that David could have listed many, many acts of valor, honor, loyalty, and kindness which each of them had performed on his behalf (and, thus, on behalf of his Lord).

And, as I read about them again this week, I was struck with the thought that he (or she) is greatly blessed who has such a band of men (or women) by his (or her) side. We are marvelously privileged if we have even three, much less thirty, such people in our lives – people who are valiant for what is right; people of honor; people who will be loyal to us no matter how difficult it may be; people who will go to great lengths to show love and care and help to our souls.

And it begs the question: Who are the mighty men (or women) in your life? Some of them may be spouses or family; some church family; some brothers and sisters in Christ who live in other places, but who would stop on a dime and be in Cincinnati overnight if that is what you needed. Do you have such people in your life? If so, you are rich indeed!

But then we should also ask … whose mighty man or woman are you? You cannot be “closer than a brother” to every friend in your life. But there are probably a few for whom you absolutely should be! Who are they? Or whom ought they to be? Don’t let them down. Be mighty on their behalf, and mighty for the Lord in their lives. No one else may know all that you did and sacrificed for their good. But they, like David, will have a long list of reasons to be thankful for you. And God will honor your faithfulness!

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