August 29, 2016

Dispatches from the Front

Would you like the wick of your gospel-sharing passion to be fanned back into the flame that perhaps you once knew? Is a heartbeat for Christ’s fame at the ends of the earth something you’d like to cultivate in your soul? How might it help you to be freshly challenged to think about what you’re really doing with your life, kingdom-wise? Could you benefit from a fresh impetus to missionary prayer and generosity? Well then let me give the highest recommendation to the DVD series Dispatches from the Front. God has used it to all these things and more in me!

I know, I know. I’ve pubbed Dispatches before. But, watching one of the videos again this past Sunday evening (from North Africa), I was moved once more to consider how much I really value the word of God, how persistent I am about sharing the gospel and making disciples, and what good things God is doing in some of the “remotest part[s] of the earth”! It was like a breath of fresh sea air, really … being reminded of the bold witness of a handful of brothers in Muslim North Africa. And it made me want, in the words of William Carey, to ‘attempt great things for God.’ And I think these videos will make you want to do the same!

So this is just another brief plug for them! If you're local, they're available to borrow at PRBC.  You can purchase them at Amazon or get a really good deal on the entire 9 volume set from Frontline Missions. I highly recommend them all! And, if you are just going to watch one or two, I have been most stirred by episodes 7 and 2 (N. Africa and Albania). Get them. Watch them. And be spurred on for the cause of Christ, both here in Cincinnati, and at the ends of the earth!

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