June 14, 2018

"The majestic ones"

“As for the saints who are in the earth,
They are the majestic ones in whom is all my delight.”
Psalm 16:3

What David says in Psalm 16:3 is quite interesting, isn’t it? He calls “the saints” – the people of God – “majestic”! And he’s not using the word “saints” with the meaning that later came, often, to be attached to it – namely, as a designation for the super-heroes of the faith (as in Saint Augustine or Saint Patrick). He’s not just speaking, here, about the likes of Moses and Joshua. No, “the saints” here (and elsewhere in Scripture) are the people of God, in general.

And, says David, these people are “majestic”!

Now, we may not always feel like we (or our fellow believers) are all that “majestic”! And, of course, sometimes we’re not so “majestic”, it’s true! But there is a great deal to admire – a great deal that is “majestic” – in the lives of everyday Christians. Consider:
  • the older man quietly taking a fatherless boy under his wing
  • the saint who keeps worshipping the Lord, even with a broken heart 
  • the disabled who push themselves so as to be in God’s house
  • the family and friends who help them do so
  • the grandmother who never gives up praying
  • the person who unconditionally forgives
  • the young person who takes an interest in the elderly
  • the adoptive family that provides a whole new life for a child in need
  • the spouse who remains faithful and prayerful under great trial
  • the missionaries who give up much for the sake of the gospel
  • our persecuted brothers and sisters who serve Christ no matter the cost

And on the list could go, couldn’t it?

By His grace, God’s people can be truly “majestic”! Let us notice them, and “delight” in them, and thank God for them, and look up to them, and imitate them, and encourage them to keep being “the majestic ones”!

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