July 31, 2018

His Eyes

Part 2 in a series on Jesus’ Body

When we contemplate the parts of Jesus’ body, there is much to see and to learn by looking at, and into, His eyes! Consider them with me, now.

And we begin by noticing our Lord, in John 17:1, “lifting up His eyes to heaven” in prayer for His people. And it’s a reminder that, even though He is now in heaven, He is still praying for His people; still looking to the Father in prayer on their behalf. “He always lives to make intercession for them” (Hebrews 7:25). Praise God for a Savior who sets His eyes on the Father in prayer for His own!

And then notice another beautiful mention of Jesus’ eyes in Mark 10:17-27. There Jesus encountered a man who foolishly overestimated his own righteousness (vv.19-20), and whose “much property” (v.22) was more valuable to him than following Christ. And, although Jesus heard evidence of the first folly in v.20, and although He knew the second even before the man “went away grieving” in v.22, we are told that “looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him” (v.21). Jesus’ eyes (and heart) saw, in this foolish and sinful man, not someone to hate, or to write off ... but someone to love; someone on whom to have compassion! Praise God for such a Savior!

But then notice that those eyes can look at us in less comfortable ways, as well. In Mark 3, we find Jesus’ eyes “looking around … with anger” at a group of uncompassionate Pharisees. And, oh, what discomfort came into Peter’s heart when, after his three-fold denial of his Master, “the Lord turned and looked at Peter” (Luke 22:61)! Let us live in such a way that Jesus need not set His eyes upon us in anger, or with a countenance that is grieved!

And let us finally notice how the glorified Christ’s eyes are described to us in the book of Revelation: “His eyes” says John “are a flame of fire” (19:12). See also 1:14 and 2:18. Surely this is the shining forth of His holiness! And when we look into those eyes of flame, the church (Rev. 2:18-23) should take sin very seriously … and Christ’s enemies (Rev. 22:11-18) should be very afraid!

Praise God for the eyes of our Lord Jesus – for both the comfort, and the discomfort, that they bring! Observe them, and gaze into them … and give yourself in faith to their possessor!

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