July 18, 2007


leth·ar·gize /leth-er-jahyz/

1. to take energy from; to burden to inactivity.
2. to make into a lazy, good-for-nothing couch potato (colloquial).

Ex: Too much honey lethargizes the body.
Ex: Searching out one's own glory lethargizes the soul.

Root: Lethargic. See also: lethargizing, lethargized, lethargizer.

Also, especially British, leth·ar·gise.


Andrew said...

Was there a context for this? Or is it just a good word you found?

Kurt Strassner said...

See most recent post.

BTW...how are you doing? Any news on space in KC, etc. Give me the skinny.

Also note that spending too much time on my blog can be lethargizing!