July 9, 2007

'Tickets to the Garden of Eden'

Got to see the new Creation Museum (in the southeastern 'burbs of Cincinnati) this Saturday. It really is a wonderful place. The crowds were big (hint: try going during the week)...so we didn't get as up-close a look as we would have liked. But what we saw was really splendid. At every turn, the Bible is being taught, read to you in multimedia productions, and explained scientifically (yea, whoda thunk it!).

Best of all. This museum is not just about Genesis 1-11! It was VERY clear that the main goal was to spread the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They defend Genesis mainly to help visitors see the very real difference in the world before the fall...and after the fall; and to demonstrate our need for, and God's provision of the Savior. The tour is laid-out as follows:

*Creation (Gen. 1-2)
*Corruption (Gen 3-5)
*Catastrophe (Gen 6-8)
*Confusion (Gen 9-11 + confusion in our modern day)

The last three phases aren't given in museum-style, but in a tasteful and moving video presentation in which an archeologist tells the story of Jesus...and how His life, death, resurrection, and return provide God's answers to sin and degredation.

Overall museum highlights include:

*A state of the art planetarium, glorying in the Creator God by taking you on a tour of the universe. Special effects-wise, this is, in my opinion, one of the most amazing presentations I have ever seen.

*A life sized rendering of a section of Noah's ark - demonstrating just how possible it was for such a magnificent structure to be built using only primitive tools; and showing how the ark is a type of Christ.

*The book store. They actually sell Christian books! Really! No Jesus clocks. No angel figurines. No prayers of Jabez on canvas. But great stuff on creation (obviously), good homeschool materials, and a whole bunch of Edwards, Murray, Lloyd-Jones, and the Puritans.

So check it out. And if you're an out-of-towner, you have a place to stay!

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