December 20, 2007

Can You SEE me Now?

OK, so we've been having trouble with the audio (hope that is fixed starting with next weeks postings). But I also notice that I (as well as Anthony and maybe others?) am having visual problems with the blog. On my computer (firefox and explorer) the header photo (of the park bench) is messed up. I can only see about 3/4 of an inch at the bottom of the shot. Same on Anthony's blog. Anyone else seeing the same cropped photo? Anyone know what might be wrong or how to correct it?


ArM said...

I see what you see, on you and me.

Kurt Strassner said...

If what you say and what you see
Keeps happening to you and me

Then I must, I must, I must say
Like Dr. Suess, in rhyming way:

I do not like this on my site
I do not like it black and white

I do not like this in the fog
I do not like it on a blog!

ArM said...

I see you now, and me too.
did you fix it, if not, then who?

Kurt Strassner said...

Don't know what happened,
But now I can stop rappin'