December 11, 2007

Odds and Ends

A few announcements, reminders, and musings:

Bruce Ware in Cincinnati
For those of you in the local area ... mark your calendar to hear Dr. Ware (one of America's formost Evangelical theologians) on Jan. 19 at Hyde Park Baptist Church. His topic will be the Trinity. Some of you have heard these messages before and should leave comments below to whet our appetites.

Kurt and his Dad in Minneapolis
This year's pastor's conference is themed The Pastor as Father and Son. So I am taking my dad with me. Anyone else out there going? Let me know and maybe we can meet up for dinner.

Baby in Tobey's Tummy
We had the ultrasound today and found out Strassner #5 is a boy! Andrew already has a rocket arm, so I'm thinking maybe we have a Peyton and Eli kind of situation brewing here!

1 comment:

John Whitt said...

Peyton and Eli? Perhaps, but then again they had an athletic dad..........