May 24, 2008

PTI - Day One

Hello again from Addis Ababa. PTI got started a half day late, on Saturday morning instead of Friday lunch. I guess they are still running on 'African Time' here. At any rate, the first day went well, I think. Covered the first 4 of 9 sessions on Genesis 1-11 and felt the men were really attentive. Their reactions and questions, as compared to a year ago, demonstrate that real progress has been made. Thank the Lord for that - and pray that more is made as I (hopefully) finish Genesis 1-11 with an eight hour day tomorrow, and begin Hebrews on Monday morning.

Do pray too, for the time constraint. As those of you in Cincy would 'amen' ... I always have a little trouble getting it all in anyway ... but the loss of a half-day is going to really push the envelope. If we have electricity (which we did not today until about an hour ago), I may be able to do an evening session or two after dinner time next week.

Anthony seems to be doing well and getting some necessary things done. Continue to pray for that aspect of our trip, too.

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