October 20, 2008

Being Pro-Life is much more than a Vote

My series on voting has, of necessity, turned into a mini-series on abortion and pro-life issues. To balance, I do want to make it clear that there is more - much more - that needs to be done for the protection of life than casting a vote on November 4. In fact, I would say that voting is really the smallest thing (though indispensable, as I have been arguing). Much more, Christians also need to promote life through:

-Putting child-bearing and rearing above career, etc.
-Loving unwed mothers and their little ones
-Supporting Christian crisis pregnancy centers, etc.

Here are a couple of links that take us a little further into some of these issues:

-Russell Moore's sermon on Joseph of Nazareth, last week at SBTS
-Together for Adoption
-Dan Cruver on how physical adoption magnifies the gospel of God's adoption of sinners

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