October 17, 2008

The Best Secular Book I have ever Read...

I think I can say that, although there may be a few close seconds, this is definitely the most challenging, impacting, make-me-think kind of secular book that I have ever read. I am about 60% through it and excited to get back to it this weekend!

Though written in 1985, it has some profound words for our current political and religious landscapes. Have you read it? If not, order it today and read it this fall. It will profoundly challenge the way you think about ... and watch the world. It should be mandatory reading for every pastor and seminarian ... and would benefit 99% of everyone else tremendously, too!


Jeremiah said...


I read this a couple of years ago and had the same thoughts. Very insightful for a non-Christian. The applications of this to the American church are endless.


Justin said...

Glad to see you're reading it, I'll have to read over again and we can talk about it.