January 1, 2013

Daily Bible Reading ... for Kids!

For all of you parents (or grandparents) with young readers ... let me introduce you to what I hope will be a very helpful resource.  The document linked below is intended to help your kids read a small potion of scripture every day (from the four gospels), and get them to spend just a brief moment thinking or re-thinking about what they just read.  

It's a 55 page word document, with:

*Each page containing a week's worth of daily readings
*Each day's reading coming with either a question to answer, or a verse to copy
*A column to the right of each page, for writing prayers

Over the course of a year or so, your child will have read through all four gospels, learned how to begin reflected on what he or she has just read, and begun a daily Bible reading habit that may last a lifetime!

So I hope you'll download, print, hole-punch, put in a three-ring binder, and enthuse your kids about this plan!

Now, without further ado, click here to download.

Thanks to David Murray for providing this great resource!  From the looks of things, I think he may eventually add a year 2, year 3, etc. that will further the reading into the rest of the New Testament.

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Heather said...

Thanks for posting this! I am going to pass this on to the kids!