January 7, 2013

Red Letter January's

On a couple of previous January's, we at PRBC have spent the month (Sundays and Wednesdays) considering the words of Jesus from some portion of Scripture or other.  One year we spent the month meditating on His words from the cross.  Another we spent mulling His letters to the churches in Asia Minor. 

This year, Lord willing, we'll spend our January considering His various "I am" sayings in the gospel of John: "I am the bread of life;" "I am the Light of the world;" "Before Abraham was born, I am."  Click through to our sermon archives to follow along!

Also, here's the red letter collection so far:

The Collected Letters of Jesus Christ
Revelation 1-22 - Introduction to Revelation
Revelation 1.1-11 - Editor's Preface*
Revelation 1.1-20 - Biographical Sketch of the Author*
Revelation 2.1-7 - To the Ephesians*
Revelation 2.8-11 - To the Smyrnites*
Revelation 2.12-17 - To the Pergamites*
Revelation 2.18-29 - To the Thyatirans*
Revelation 3.1-6 - To the Sardisians*
Revelation 3.7-13 - To the Philadelphians*

The Seven Words of Jesus from the Cross
Luke 23.34 - "Father, forgive them"
John 19.28 - "I am thirsty"
John 19.30 - "It is finished"

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