June 9, 2008

"Everyone's Starving in Ethiopia"

That's what the headline on CNN.com reads this morning. That's a bit of an exaggeration. But there is a serious food crisis owing to this year's drought conditions. You cannot save all of Ethiopia, but you can do a few things...

1. Pray that this year's rainy season (our summer) would provide much needed relief.

2. Pray that body-hunger would lead many to a soul-hunger for the living God. Many of those who face starvation are Muslims, superstitious Orthodox, and pagans.

3. Pray for the believers in Ethiopia - that they would minister the physical and spiritual compassion of Jesus in these days.

4. Send bread - figuratively and literally. You can't feed Ethiopia. But you can make a dent by feeding one child. Compassion International works through local Ethiopian churches (including the one where PTI takes place) to feed, clothe, educate, and evangelize the poor children of Ethiopia. $39 a month (so little for most of us) can go a LOOOOONG way in a place like Ethiopia. For some children, God will use it to stretch all the way to heaven.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya -- if everyone would be determined to do just one thing...Sponsor a child, we would go a long way to making a huge difference.

Jesus does the work--we just do the yielding.

God bless you!