June 27, 2008

Rutherford on the Believer's Security

Your life is hid with Christ in God (Col. iii.. 3), and therefore ye cannot be robbed of it. Our Lord handleth us, as fathers do their young children; they lay up jewels in a place, above the reach of the short arms of bairns, else barins would put up their hands and take them down, and lose them soon. So hath our Lord done with our spiritual life. Jesus Christ is the high coffer in the which our Lord hath hid our life; we children are not able to reach up our arm so high as to take down that life and lose it; it is in our Christ's hand.

The Letters of Samuel Rutherford. Letter XXVII - To Lady Kenmure. Page 86.

Note: bairns was the Scottish colloquial way to refer to one's children.

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