July 17, 2008

Follow Me - A Prayer Request

Hello all. Just checking in to request your prayers. Friday night, from 7:45-8:15pm ET I will be speaking to a handful of Vacation Bible School parents, encouraging them to follow Jesus. The text will be Luke 5.27-32 (one of our theme passages from this week).

Please pray that there might be a Levi or two in the crowd tomorrow night.


Jeremiah Mattingly said...


Hope Friday night went well. Did you have opportunity to minister to many of the parents through this time of preaching?


Kurt Strassner said...


I think it went well. It seemed the Lord provided me with a clarity, and the parents with attention and some understanding. We will see what comes of it. The Lord's word never returns to Him void ... so SOMETHING will definitely come from it!

Thanks for praying and checking in. We need to meet sometime. Let me know if you're ever in Cincinnati.