May 12, 2016

Cheaper in Dozens: Bulk Discounts on Good Books

Do you value good books?  Does your church sometimes purchase lots of them in bulk?  Or might you want to do so for handing out evangelistically?  Allow me to make you aware of an online bookstore, begun by a friend of mine named Jim Holmes, called Cheaper in Dozens

Cheaper in DozensJim's commitment is to sell only quality Christian literature (from publishers like Banner, Evangelical Press, Reformation Heritage, Shepherds Press, etc.) with free shipping ... and (here's where the site could be really beneficial) there are added discounts when you buy a dozen or more (thus the name)! So the site could be especially helpful if you're buying in bulk.

The books are sold at 10% off retail, but the discounts go up to:

20% if you buy 12
25% if you buy 25
30% if you buy 50
40% if you buy 100

I receive Jim's periodic email newsletter, in which he shares helpful ideas about how to get folks reading, along with special offers on particular books. If you are a reader, or a pastor who wants your church family to read, or to get good resources into their hands for doing so ... you might sign up for the newsletter by going to the website ( and entering your email address in the light grey connection bar near the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, just go to the website and browse around, like them on Facebook.


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