May 23, 2016

More Reading Ideas for Those Who Aren’t (Yet) Big Readers

Last week I suggested that Christian reading is a habit worth your taking up … and that, even if you aren’t yet an avid reader, there is a way in. Particularly, I listed three Christian magazines that would start you with more bites-sized reading portions, and provide you both spiritual meat\ and stimulus to read further.

This week (although I think books and magazines will be more significant for you) I want to point those of you who are prone to read on your devices to some Christian blogs that will do the same. So have a look at my descriptions, and then add one or more of these sites to your blog feed, or subscribe by email, or bookmark them, or just check in on them periodically. You will be helped in your walk with the Lord. This is the blog of Christian blogger extraordinaire, Tim Challies. Monday through Saturday, he always posts an article that will help you think through some life or biblical issue in a Christian fashion. Each day he also posts a daily ‘A La Carte’ in which he links to other interesting articles from around the web … so that, not only does Challies post good content himself, but he will introduce you to other good content from around the web. Lots of great articles every week on subjects moral, theological, social, and so on … some by John Piper, others by other capable Christian writers. Albert Mohler is perhaps the leading Christian statesman of our day – and has a key eye, and a gifted pen, for voicing the Christian worldview as it relates to so many of the hot-button issues of our day – politics, ethics, societal crises, and so on. If you want to know how to think about the news Christianly, Mohler is your guy. His articles are less frequent and more lengthy than the other blogs I mention, but they will help you think deeply. You can also listen to his daily podcast The Briefing at or subscribe in iTunes.

So again, just a few ideas to get you going. We all need stimulus to think biblically, and God has provided numerous good teachers in our day, whose work is more accessible than ever. Let’s take advantage!

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