April 15, 2007

Ethiopia (1)

Hello all. Scott and I arrived safely last night. The flights went amazingly well, and we had some good time to rest and talk on the plane. Scott was able to sit next to and encourage a new believer from Indiana.

Today we attended the English-speaking international church here in Addis Ababa. ost of the members are international diplomats (I've been told Addis has more embassies than any city in the eastern hemisphere), a few Ethiopians, and some missionary families. The rest of the day we've have had good time to rest, catch up with the Mathenias, and dream about the future of their work in Ethiopia.

Please continue to pray for us. I begin our teaching sessions tomorrow at 1:30am ET. Each week day for the next two weeks will consist of me teahing the Sermon on the Mount at 1:30am ET and again at 7am ET. Scott will be teaching the Doctrine of God each day at 2:30AMET. So, for a few of you night owls, or West Coast dwellers...pray for us during those times. And the rest of you...pray whenever you get a hankering!


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