April 18, 2007

Ethiopia (2)

Hello again from Addis Ababa. Today we completed our 3rd day of teaching. In the mornings I am teaching 9 Bible college students...and the number of students who showed up for the church plater training (PTI) has been 83...even more than were expected! The men have been very hungry for God's word. The translation has been excellent. And we have been in no short supply of good food...including sweet tea and Mountain Dew!

The city of Addis Ababa is an amazing place! People, people everywhere. Most of them are quite poor. Very few speak English. And there are not many Christians. Even more exiting that we are getting to train around 90 men for the gospel ministry!

Let me tell you what God did yesterday. As I was opening my notes to teach, I realized that Tobey had stuffed a few pictures of the kids in my bag. So, finding the pictures just before class, I showed them to my students. It wasn't until I had begun the message that I realized I had included an illustraton in the message about how people love to show off pictures of their children! But it was one of the (many) illustrations I wasn't sure would have computed in Ethiopian culture. It probably would not have, but...since those pictures were in my bag, and I showed them off, they got it! I really sensed that God was behind the message!

A prayer item...

The men here (some of them) are confused about the nature of God. Some of them seem to think of the God of the Old Testament as a God of judgment, and the God of the New Testament as God of mercy...as thought there were two different Gods! Scott and I are having to really be dilligent, careful, biblical, and consistent in refuting this mistake. Pray that we would.

I'll try and update you again this weekend.


CoalSand84 said...

Thanks, Kurt, for sharing your story about the photos of A&J. It illustrates how God is always at work, even when we don't realize it.

Unfortunately, many people here in the US also believe that God has two natures. It can be very confusing! I am be praying that God will help your students to understand the TRUTH!

Come back home safely!

Brett said...

We are praying for everyone during the trip and appreciate the opportunity to receive frequent updates!

We especially miss Scott Duley!

Love Brett and Karen