April 26, 2007

Ethiopia (4) - A Few Pictures

Hello one last time from Ethiopia. This morning I finished the last of the training sessions. The church-planter trainees got about 40 hours of Bible teaching...and the Bible School students got about 20 hours. I hope it was faithful teaching and that the Lord will bless our efforts. There will be seven more of these two-week sessions (covering different material) over the next 18 months. Pray that the men would continue to return for the training and that many Christ-centered churches would eventually be planted in the unreached regions of this vast country. Pray also for stamina for Anthony and Amber as they continue to organize, host, and support in many other ways.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Scott and I leave Friday at 3:30pm ET...and both arrive in our respective cities around 3:30pm ET Saturday. Please pray for safe and uneventful travels.

When I return to the world of high-speed internet (this post has been 90 minutes in the making!!), I may put up a few more pictures for your viewing...

Church Planting Trainees - the Last Day of Teaching

Tonight's Dinner

My Between Classes Pit-Stop - A Glass-Bottled Pepsi for $0.40

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