April 22, 2007

Ethiopia (3)

Hello again from Addis Ababa! Today we have a much needed sabbath rest. This will be the only day off in an eleven day span...and the LORD has already made it extremely helpful. This morning we attended the International Evangelical Church here in Addis. There are roughly 40 nationalities represented in the congregation. The message this morning was from 1 John 1.5-2.2, and was preached by a young German man. It was EXCELLENT. Scott and I both said that we felt like the Lord spoke through him. I felt particularly helped as he spoke about walking in the light. He pointed out that confession brings a little shame and pain, but hiding sin eventually brings great shame and pain. Confession and walking in the light brings great freedom. This message alone has made this Lord's Day exceedingly worthwhile.

The teaching here continues to go well. The men are asking good questions...and we have been able to deal very quickly with the false dichotomy between Old and New Testaments that I mentioned in the previous post.

Two more items for prayer:

1. Some of the Christians here have an inaccurate (and detrimental) view of sin. Much personal sin is blamed on the devil because there is an insufficient understanding of the doctrine of the human sin nature. We have been able to combat this some already and probably will have more occasion to do so next week.

2. Many of the questions yesterday related to sexual ethics. Because of the pagan background that sill lingers here (especially out country), there are many problems with sexual ethics/divorce/polygamy in some of the churches and villages. pray that we will be faithful to explain the biblical teachings on these subjects...and point people to he Savior for adulterers (see John 8) through these difficulties.